Doodles - MBTI Cartoons

Doodles - MBTI Cartoons

Those 4 letters that make up your MBTI type are a code to how those preferences interact. The J and P (Judging and Perceiving) refer to how you operate in the world J’s preferring the decision making functions of Thinking or Feeling. The MBTI types with J in their code want to make a decision after sufficient information has been gathered. Once the decision has been made they are often “early starters”. They love to check things off their “to do” list.

Those who have P in their code want to defer making a decision and to continue to gather information. From their perspective new information will alter the whole decision. A Jesuit scholar once told me that the Latin root of the word decide meant “to kill off”. Imagine killing off all those delicious possibilities by deciding on just one of them.

My personal experience is that there is something about adrenalin for the P. I can try for the life of me to start early but there is no “juice” and I can’t see the path. A deadline charging toward me creates focus and clarity. So I make the deadline – sometimes by the skin of my teeth but I make it.

BTW -this can be the source of conflict in the workplace and on vacation with friends – I’ll bet you have a story to share. I’d love to hear how you resolved the J-P polarity.

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