A conversation this week on Facebook with Danielle Poirier has given me a jolt – in a good way – because it was a chance to remember what really matters to me. The bottom line is that Danielle has reminded me of the intrinsic wholeness in human beings and how the MBTI can be approached as viewing a living system. This perspective inspires and elevates the territory bringing “dare I say” soul into the discussion.

Danielle Poirier is a creative leader and an expert teacher in the world of psychological type. Her creation called the Magnificent 16 which is a compilation of “Paintings, drawings and pictures … woven together in animations that define the heart and soul of each personality type: its dominant function.”

How our conversation started was that Danielle was commenting on a video I did on an ESTP – Linda Lundstrom. She pointed out how this clip captured Extraverted Sensing in action. In contrast my approach in Inner Landscapes II focuses on looking at the four dichotomies of the preferences and not on looking as much at whole type.

What Danielle is getting at is that each MBTI type is more than a sum of the parts of it’s 4 letter code – an ESTP is more than E + S + T + P. This can give some valuable information but misses the beauty of the whole . By looking at the whole type we can see how the language, rhythms and music of the dominant function (in the case of the ESTP – Extraverted sensing) contributes to a unique and wonderful portrait.

This is not the first time I have had this conversation with alone within myself as well as with my colleagues at Context Consulting about the importance of remembering the whole and the limitations of a focusing on the parts.

My Facebook chat with Danielle opened a door to the excitement of taking a new look at type starting with the whole. This deeper dive into what it means to be human inspires and uplifts. As it says on Danielle’s bio.

It tells each one of us that we belong, that we have a purpose in being, that we have something unique and wonderful to contribute that is essential to the whole — whether the whole is a family, a classroom, a business, a neighbourhood or a nation.

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