Our cottage had a three year old visitor this weekend. What a joy! She arrived at 10 in the evening after a 4 and a half hour ride in a van chock full with three adults and three kids under 6 years.

We sat and had a chat and a snack – lots of laughter and curiosity and zero drama even though it was a strange house and late at night. I give kudos to mom Helen. She is 100% ready to be present to her child and to let her be her age. A three year old tells it like it is. How awesome to be heard not put down or have artificial constraints. Laughter replaced “No’s and Don’t’s”

I was asking Helen about her work and she was said that she effortlessly sees the whole picture and what would naturally bring things into order. This is also the way Helen parents. She sees beyond the incident and what needs to happen next. She is riding the gifts of INFP to the max.

You can follow Helen on Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks website where she blogs on Conscious Parenting. The world would be a better place if every child had people as awake and aware as Helen in their lives.

Category: Relationships
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