Which one of these is you? Do you leave a party or seminar looking for what’s next or are you quite ready to go home?

One of the first MBTI trainers that I had is a vivacious, energetic presenter. Many people assume that she has a preference for Extraversion but in fact her preference is for Introversion. People are often attracted to the trainer and have questions that they want answered so the person presenting is literally front and center from the moment they walk in the door until the moment they leave. This can be a challenge for everyone but especially for the Introvert who would do well to plan for lunch alone. “Can I buy you lunch?” may seem like “Can I pick your brain and leave you on empty?”

Extraversion and Introversion refer to where an individual gets their mental energy. Because the Extravert gets it from the external world of sights, sounds and people they are fed by a party or other social event and want more. The Introvert on the other hand while fully engaged during the event finds the internal world of reflection energizing. After the party they are ready for some “alone” time.

The Extravert will also eventually reach a point where they need to retreat from the outer world to regroup.

Do you recognize yourself in either character in the doodle?

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