Each MBTI type has it’s own special contribution to make. One example of the creative caring gift that the INFJ offers came in the form of an actual gift – a package wrapped in brown paper and string. My daughter, Karen, who lives on the West coast of Canada sent some LOVE in a box across to Toronto in the East. She hit all the right notes to fill me up and make me feel appreciated.

The package itself was almost enough to do the job as I so enjoy finding anything other than bills and promotional material in the mail. A surprise package in the mail – yummy. Then factor in that she made me a cup and saucer with carefully selected and positioned messages and images. Very sweet. Plus she was thinking about what matters to me – crafted by hand, bold colour, messages with themes that are important to me “inspiration, big ideas, reaching out, living large and having fun” , and a sassy sense of humour.

Okay, I know that this is Mom talking here so you may think that I am merely bragging about my daughter, and yet I have had a similar experience when working with INFJs. There is an uncanny ability to go right to the heart of what matters and to bring what is deep and meaningful to light. Whether you are talking about a service offer for a client or thinking about what Mom might need while Dad is off taking Spanish lessons and working on a project for an NGO in Guatemala, INFJs know how to add the pieces that make the offer rich and on purpose.

In a business context, INFJs may be focused on getting the client what they need in terms of results, HOW they do that is always part of the equation. The INFJ brings a vision of possibilities and a caring for others combined with enough structure to make it all happen.

This lovely treat of the cup and saucer was a complete surprise. I didn’t know that I needed it until I received it. The thing is that my daughter in her lovely INFJ way was listening to what I wasn’t saying and made an offering that met my unexpressed need.

In our home the first thing that happens when someone comes in the door is that the kettle goes on for a pot of tea. It is our tradition, a comfort and a friendly thing to do. Sending this surprise was an act of love and it feels so nice to be on the receiving end of that.

How do you express your love? Does it relate to your MBTI type in any way?

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One Response to “Love from an INFJ”

Laura February 16, 2009

Sandy, thank you for this! It was a lovely affirmation of my MBTI type (I straddle INTJ and INFJ).

“to go right to the heart of what matters and to bring what is deep and meaningful to light” – that’s like a clarion call for me. Something within me answers to it.

(p.s. – post says INFJ, url says INFP – confusing!)