Art is a business – I kid you not. 80% or maybe even 99.9% of artists aren’t great at the business end of the business. You have heard of the expression “herding cats?” It doesn’t come close to describing what it is like for a business person to work with artists. Artists create and want to be left to be able to do just that. Unfortunately a tube of paint costs an arm and a leg and people need to sell to keep on painting – or they find a job or grant. Patrons don’t exist anymore as far as I know.

Whether they like it or not artists need to learn to “sell” their work to an agent, to gallery owners, to the public or to jurists in juried shows. Many of us just don’t have the preferences that keep us focused on the bottom line tasks necessary to market and promote our art.

That means reaching out for HELP!

In any aspect of business life working against your type preferences drains your energy and is often not productive. When finding someone to help you, find someone who is good at the parts of the work where you lack the ease and capability. This typically means finding someone with a different MBTI profile. My ENFP anti-detail loving style benefits from the orderly, concrete grounded approach of the ISTJ.

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Today in a call with my mentors Denise Wakeman and Patsi Krakoff of the Blog Squad, I was again reminded of consistent practical things to do over and over and over. Things like being specific – for instance reminding people to click on the above image to enlarge. Things like linking back to products and resources that I have to offer; for example, this painting is one of 33 paintings done to illustrate the MBTI and all of these images can be found in Inner Landscapes II: A Visual Guide to the MBTI

BTW The snapshot I took of my webpage is a new tool for Mac skitch.com which allows you to post parts of any webpage. It looks like something with a lot of possibilities for creativity …YUM creativity YUM YUM

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2 Responses to “ISTJ is the Perfect Antidote for Non-Business Artsy Types”

Jack Speer September 10, 2009

Great article, Sandy. Type is an accurate indicator of where we might fit best. Before knowing anything about type, I knew I couldn’t stand our VP of Finance. An ENTJ, I later I found out he was an ISTJ, and that just made me know why I couldn’t stand that type. Then later on I found out that his careful keeping of the books and demanding all those records from me kept me out of jail! Now the ISTJ is one of the first person I look to to ally with. Thanks again. Jack

Sandy McMullen September 10, 2009

Jack – This is such a wonderful example of the benefit of knowing type and the kind of difference that it can make to business results BUT who knew it also could keep you out of jail! Brilliant… I’m delighted.