Last week Denise Wakeman send a personalized video to a select group of mentees. .. me included. We are nearing the end of a year long program with the Blog Squad and Denise was giving us a fourth quarter pep talk.

I am telling you this for two reasons: one is to give you an example of the gifts of the Denise’s MBTI preferences and the other is to give you a couple of great ideas for your own business success.

A  message from an ISTJ  in three clear concise points:

Denise has a self-identified preference for ISTJ. True to the gifts of the dominant Introverted Sensing function of her type Denise distilled ten months worth of discussion into three simple points. She gave encouragement to engage in three daily activities all directed toward an end goal that has been our focus of attention – that of  building online visibility. These activities were specific and Denise included the details of “how to” do each one. They were all things that we had discussed in previous phone calls and teleseminars and they were all things that we could measure.

One of these items was to post to our blogs consistently. Denise also suggested using a schedule so that we planned our posts perhaps having a few different categories of posts that we offered on a regular basis. For example tips on one day, stories and lighter fare on another day etc.

I am sharing this here because of the three tips Denise gave this  blogging schedule tactic will be the biggest challenge for my ENFP “in the momentness”.  As for the rest of the tips may I direct you to the source – to Denise and Patsi. If you are in business for yourself you really ought to know them.


Also if you are in business period-of any kind -taking a page from the gifts of Introverted Sensing will give your work habits a boost. The ISTJ is realistic about their work. They can estimate the time and resources required and manage them well so that they see the project through to completion.

The power and punch of a personalized video

I also wanted to mention the impact of Denise’s personalized video. What a great way to connect with clients, colleagues and potential business partners. I could see Denise’s sincerity. Her message was clear and compelling -especially for me since I use both Visual and Auditory cues in learning and this way of communicating gave both. It also was unexpected and showed a real commitment to our success that an email alone wouldn’t convey.

Thanks Denise – I’ll report back about the scheduling aspect of blog posting – it might take another video.

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2 Responses to “ISTJ Delivers Practical, Tangible, Measurable Tips and Tactics”

Denise Wakeman August 31, 2009

You outed me! LOL! Glad to know I behave true to type and that the video coaching worked for you.

Sandy McMullen August 31, 2009

Outed you in a good way I trust. I should have been more specific about my article content in my email confirming your type. This is a good reminder to me to take all the preliminary steps before writing a post.