Later this month Master Coach Mike Jay is answering any burning questions on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator that I can bring to the table. Mike has a depth of knowledge of the MBTI that includes theory and the theory in action. As well as being a generous teacher, Mike is dedicated to lifelong learning and development. His innovative ideas in collaborative learning, leadership and business innovation have brought him recognition in coaching and business circles globally.

As part of the B/Coach training program that Mike developed, coaches are introduced to an array of assessment tools. Mike understands business reality and he understands human dynamics. The models, principles and theories that coaches in the B/Coach and Leadership University programs are introduced to are enriched with this depth of knowledge and practical experience. One thing that coaching training revealed to me is that having a personal committment to my ongoing learning and development was an essential part of my coaching practice.

I have noticed that many of my teachers and mentors share a generosity in sharing their wisdom. “Over delivering” is a thread that is common to them all – they incorporates an openness and availability to enable learning – much more than a “data dump” it involves helping people integrate and apply the learning.

Recently an interest in the MBTI surfaced in conversation within the Leadership University learning community and Mike stepped in with this generous offer. I am collecting my thoughts so that I am prepared to make the most of this opportunity.

I am asking you to add to the list I am preparing by submitting any questions you may have about the MBTI by February 15th. What are you curious about that might help improve your business life and working relationships? I plan to forward them to Mike before the session and to write up his responses later on in a blog post.

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2 Responses to “Everything you wanted to know about the MBTI but…”

Karen Stulting February 2, 2009

Hi! I’m a big fan of using the MBTI in team context to help people understand themselves and team dynamics better. in my experience it always aids in communication and the J’s and P’s end teh day laughing about their differences. Recently though, I was faced with a situation where two co-workers just do not get along. Due to the nature of their work they have to work closely together. The underlying tension is affecting the whole team. They are both female, one verified her type as ESTP (slight preference on E as well as T), the other verified her type as ESFJ (slight preference on Feeling). (In both cases their reported and verified types were the same – they were in agreement with their reports). I would really appreciate some guidance on this issue. Thank you!

Sandy McMullen February 2, 2009

Thanks Karen – If people could only see the wake they are leaving behind! I will gladly see if Mike has some wisdom here for you.