I am going to admit to bias when it comes to the topic of both MBTI and creativity. So when I sat in on Marci Segal’s presentation on Creativity presented for TypeLabs Type Practitioner Blueprint, I was immersed and scribbling copious notes.

Marci gave us 90 minutes chock full of models and applications so there is a lot to talk about. One thing that stuck out for me was the changing attitudes and perceptions we have and have had about what creativity means. In the far far past, creativity was the domain of the few. For something to be deemed creative it fell into the category of something new and never seen before. It was something you either had or didn’t have and most people were thought of as “not” having creativity.

In more recent past, we came to have an expanded view of creativity that allowed that everyone tapped into creativity in a way that was particular to them. The second aspect of this is that for something to be creative meant that it might be a new idea or way of being / doing for the person involved as opposed to new for everyone. This approach opened us to type aligned ways of being creative. Previously those with preferences for Intuition or Perceiving were recognized as creative. Now we appreciate the ways other preferences contribute to creativity. A person with Extraverted Sensing, for instance, will use what they do naturally to scan the outer world and add their unique observations to a new perspective. AND that’s creative! We understand that creativity is bigger than painting, acting and making music.

Currently we have shifted to see creativity in a more interactive way, so that we are focused on what is new for the group. Marci didn’t mention this but in Dan Pink’s book “A Whole New Mind” he talks about this as being a core competency demanded today. There is an application here for transparency and openness in the business world and Marci talked about several ways to work with these ideas in a business setting.

End of day

End of day

Finally in the future Marci predicts that we won’t be even talking about creativity. Not because it has fallen off the radar screen but because it is simply a “given.” Generating creative approaches to how we live and create satisfying home, environmental and work scenarios. It will be part of “business as usual.”

If you are hungry for more…Contact Marci for all things that fall under the “creative” umbrella and Kris Kiler’s Type Practitioner Blueprint program for more juicy MBTI wisdom.

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