Creativity is a requisite competency in today’s workplace. In “A Whole new Mind” Daniel Pink describes it as one of six areas to be leveraged in a world where knowledge and skills are no longer sufficient to distinguish yourself in the marketplace.

Marci Segal has studied and mastered facilitating the emergence of creativity in all aspects of work and play – for individuals, in families and for organizations large and small.

The word “creativity” often triggers protests and denial… “Not for ME…I’m not creative.” Marci understands environments that foster a wide spectrum of creative contributions. She also has expertise in understanding individual differences and dynamics after years facilitating and teaching the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. The result is an approach to creativity that gets everyone in the picture – yes – even you.

Marci was one of the first instructors I had in doing my MBTI training. Her style is upbeat and engaging. She gets you into action right from the start.

Marci is one of the eight presenters in the series on applying type in the workplace offered by TypeLabs. The price for this series had been drastically reduced but that special pricing ends Friday.

If you have been thinking that you’d like something to rev up your energy and refresh your approach, check out this offer. It’s all about application – learning you can actually use in your work.

Learn more by clicking on the link below.

Type Practitioner Blueprint
Get training from 8 international psychological type experts

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