Scott McCloud lives, breathes and works his genius. I was introduced to him through Michael Bungay Stanier’s blog.

McCloud is a man who is a living example of what happens when you marry a scientific brain with a passion for art – which in this case shows itself in his gift as a cartoonist… not only did he want to make cartoons but he also wanted to understand them at the same time. You can watch this clever mind in operation in his TED talk.

At one point in his talk he addresses different approaches to various areas of endeavor and cartooning in particular. He maps these approaches onto a grid which he then relates to the MBTI functions of Sensing, Intuition, Thinking and Feeling. While he is ostensibly talking about comics and cartoons, I agree with Michael that he is talking about life -with some interesting and unique reflections on what we need to pay attention to.

Another aspect that he points out is the value of three different kinds of vision.

  1. Based on what one cannot see – what is unknowable and invisible
  2. Based on what we can see and ascertain – what traditional science does
  3. Based on knowledge but as un-yet unproven – it is not currently visible but is a vision of what could be. This third type of vision falls somewhere between the two other forms of vision.

This third realm is the challenge faced by leaders today as they often find themselves needing to lead into what is not yet visible. Perhaps this talk by Scott McCloud gives us a way of reframing our currently static viewpoints.

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One Response to “Cartoonist wisdom for our times”

Stephen February 6, 2009

Wow – thanks for sharing that – A mind-blast!