I often read blogs with streams of comments and appreciate the way people wade in to enrich and expand the original thought. When comments come into this blog I am over the moon.

Since I post this on Twitter and Facebook as well, sometimes responses are directed there and I wanted to share some wisdom that was came out of the recent look at Thinking and Feeling preferences.

Janet Conner writes:
I helped a friend who is an expert in the MBTI and uses it in her exec coaching do a research project on INTPs who were having melt downs in a fortune 500 co. She gave me a booklet on INTPs in their grip and I realized I was reading an exact description of my son who at the time was a wreck, dropped out of HS, etc. She explained that my natural grip INFJ behavior was exactly the wrong thing to do around him so I immediately shifted and within a couple days my son came out of his shell and began to interact with me again. Miraculous stuff!

Tom Potter continues:
Your other responder about her son is similar to my experience. Parents “feel” for their kids and (I would propose) even the most “thinking “T” would get caught in that. The woman when she “became aware” of her son’s MBTI type, said she understood him. I would say she cognitively approached the situation differently and had success. She thought about how she was feeling, and began to think about a different approach. She states MBTI showed her how to approach him. i would say it allowed her to try a new “channel” to think about her own part in the equation.

Think/Feel are embedded in every process. A person is wise to apply them as the situation dictates, not according to gender, certainly, or according to a pre-conceived notion of themselves. A person is wise who allows their reflection of self and the situation to determine the action. And even then, to allow themselves the gift of human frailty and failure, on occasion.

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In a “not yet published” video with my ENFP daughter she gave one secret to ENFP’s – talk to us – she said it in a bolder way that but you will have to stay tuned to catch exactly what she said.

In the meantime —- talk to me.

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