The title of the post might be a tad misleading as this could be the 112th way to apply knowledge of type but it is more likely the 3011th way.

I use it in paintings that I call “Insight Portraits”.

Four years ago I convened an evening where I gathered what I dubbd my “Board of Directors” – six people plus a facilitator plus my husband. I was in a purely observer role. The intention of this dinner event was to help me integrate my art and my coaching (which iincludes using personality assessment tools such as the MBTI.) Part of making this a valuable process was in deciding who to ask to help. My goal was to get a cross-section of people from the art world and from the world of business – some I knew well and people who were recent acquaintances. I had an artist, 2 gallery owners, 3 consultants, a business owner and a senior executive.

At the end of the evening I gave each person an abstract painting that captured an aspect of them that I admired and which also was part of the reason why I asked for their counsel.

One of the consultants, upon seeing her personalized painting, advised that “This was it.” – a unique way to do a discovery process of current conditions and to capture and anchor it in a visual image. “Insight Portraits” were born.

These videos show two of the latest paintings. Knowing type is very helpful in that I can very quickly understand what might be important to include. These videos are a way of communicating with the client to see if the image is on a course that matches their intent.

This first video is for someone who I suspect is NT and the second is for a family of where 3 of the 4 siblings were most likely sensing. One painting is more abstract and the other more specific.

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