The Theory
The Thinking preference makes decisions objectively based on matching to rational, logical criteria.

The Feeling preference has a decision-making process that is subjective and is based on values and how the decision will affect the people involved. It is a rational process – the criteria are different.

So that’s the theory.

The Reality
This difference can be the cause of a lot of misunderstanding in relationships. I love this cartoon because from a Thinking perspective this purchase makes no sense, but how many people have had this very moment in their shopping experience. This cartoon is at the expense of the Feeling preference so I’d like to point out the value Feeling makes in contributing to harmony and well-being. Better decisions are made when both Thinking and Feeling are considered.

BTW if the joke was on the other foot Thinking types wouldn’t care. They might not even notice. “It’s not personal.” could almost be a Thinking mantra.

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5 Responses to “An MBTI “Shopping” Moment”

Laura McGrath September 22, 2009

Um, I don’t get it. How can it be “perfect” if it doesn’t fit? This makes no sense.

Oh, hang on… I’m a T… ha. Tricky.

Sandy McMullen September 22, 2009


Thx Laura – your response made my day!!!

Jane Anstey September 24, 2009

I’d like to see some F comments on this one. Do they see the joke? It’s much easier for Ts to make jokes about Fs than vice versa, and I’m not sure whether Ts always “don’t care” as Sandy says. It might depend on the joke…

And just for the record. I’m a T too.

Sandy McMullen September 24, 2009

Jane – of course it might depend on the joke – thanks for the course correction