Why Aren\'t You Like MeWho likes to be put in a box, labeled or judged? My guess would be that you find this distasteful or uncomfortable or perhaps your reaction is even stronger than that. Some people equate using any assessment tool with an approach that is restrictive or limiting. My approach is more about getting curious about what dynamics are in play in a particular situation.  Let me give you a recent example of how getting curious helped me.

Over the past few months I have been having email correspondence with the facilitator of a group of women entrepreneurs. I was to give a talk to this group about living in your GENIUS. This is a state of being “in the zone” in your work and is also a place where what you are doing is in alignment with your MBTI preferences.

In her emails the leader of this group was asking me about details of the presentation: how much time I needed and about handouts etc. From my side of the conversation I have to confess to you that it is a struggle for me to know these things in advance. How my preference for Perceiving plays out for me is that I typically plan things at the last minute. As the deadline approaches the adrenalin kicks in and things that have been floating around in my mind as possibilities galvanize into a clear plan of action.

What I got curious about was what it would be like for this facilitator who wanted to know some of the details of my plan. She had people to communicate with and arrangements to make. How could I give her what she needed to know when I hadn’t made any decisions yet? In the end I decided to tell her what I had done in the past in terms of time and then commit to using that as my framework. In the same communication I also said that I would be providing all of the handouts myself.

It would not have been helpful to either of us if I had said “I don’t know yet” and not given her any information at all. Getting curious about what might have been happening from her perspective allowed me to think of a response that matched her natural organizational orientation, and it also relieved some pressure for me as some things were already decided.

Rather than putting someone in the box that a label creates, how can you use that knowledge to see things differently?

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