“Know Thyself” is wise advice for creating solid relationships and work that brings satisfaction.
But how do you discover what makes you tick?

Learn what motivates you as well as what drains your energy through personality assessment tools such as the MBTI, the Reiss Motivation Profile and the Enneagram. Understanding your natural gifts and blind spots allows you to make choices that fully align who you are with what you do.

Why Personality Plus in Business

Are you a "solopreneur", an independent professional, or do you have an entrepreneurial approach to your career?

Understanding and leveraging your natural creativity and harnessing the power of your innate motivation makes for work that is sustainable. What this means is that you stop seeing yourself as an endless improvement project.

You can also see, appreciate and work with the differences in others. You can quickly see what to say YES to and where and what to delete or delegate so that you design your work to align with your biggest asset - YOU.

A Visual Guide to MBTI

A Visual Guide to MBTI

Inner Landscapes II a full colour exploration of the MBTI.

People say...

As someone who is a Jungian personality type practitioner, I am absolutely blown away by Sandy McMullen's Inner Landscapes II book. Her brilliant paintings bring to life, on a deep level, Jungian psychological preferences to help both practitioners and their clients understand and connect to the deep essence of how we perceive ourselves and others. As is so often is the case, art connects us to a place that words alone never can. This book should be on the bookshelf or even better, coffee table, of everyone who seeks to understand themselves and others.
- Lesley Parrott, Consultant and Keynote Speaker, www.lesleyparrott.ca

Sandy at work...